Different alert functions of LinnéFiler

Observation alert for mandatory information

Different clinics require different data in order to keep their records complete. With the help of the "Yellow Dot" alert you will be notified when a mandatory field needs your attention.
Fields, which have to be reported for statistics, are set as a default and show the yellow dot when missing.

Aside those mandatory fields mentioned above you can customize Linnéfiler and add more yellow dots which are suitable to your system.
Please find more information about the fields possible to define as mandadory on the page of observation fields.

Alert for display of too long storage number in cryopreservation

The system has limited space to display the storage number of crypreserved cells or tissue. In case your storage system selects a number above 7 digits the field will appear with a yellow background and the number is displayed in smaller font size. Through "tiptext" it is still possible to read the complete number, but you will be informed through the change of appearance that the number is too long and you have to hoover over the field to see the complete number:

Alert for difference between planned and calculated OPU week

In case the planned week for OPU differs from the calculated week, the field in the Stimulation page is displayed with a yellow background and shows the calculated result.