Clinic Logic

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The "ClinicLogic"-plugon provides the possibility to change the behavior of the software in certain situations. Some processes can be tailored individually to each clinic's specific needs in order to meet legal or other requirements.

The features currently available in "ClinicLogic" are listed on the left, and each release could contain new additions. The features themselves are independent from the normal release-cycle, meaning that the functionality of these processes can be adjusted in between the regular releases.

If you want to know more about how you could activate one of the features in your clinic, please contact customer support and we will help guide you through the available possibilities.

Previous text until 2021/05/24

The ClinicLogic plugon provides the possibility to change the behavior of LinnéFiler in certain situations. By adding scripts with predefined names to the ClinicLogic plugon the behavior of a script can be influenced and the clinic can take control of the functionality.

It is possible to a local consultant/developer to add a script or to modify a script in the Clinic Logic file to adapt the behavior or calculation to a function in LinnéFiler, if there is a defined keyword for the function.

To know more about how to do this, please contact us for information and advice.