Omda Fertsoft components

Omda Fertsoft is built from system components that handle different areas.

Each of these components have multiple work screens. The work screen area is divided in smaller areas called modules. The different work screens in each system component are described in the sub-menus to the left.

Background components

A software running in the background takes care of different services and functions. Among these you find:

- Traceability of recording and editing of patient, treatment, chart notes and cell data
- Log of access to patient information from staff in the clinic
- Reporting and statistics extraction
- Integration to patient registry
- Integration to laboratory results
- Other integrations to external systems
- Integration with equipment
- Automatic check of concluded treatments
- Managing user access to LinnéFiler

These tasks are performed by a software named ivfServices.
It is installed on the server and has none or minimal user interface.