Oocyte storage limit

Script name: TREATM.EMB.DonatedOocyteStorageLimit

Calculation of storage limit for donated oocytes.

If no calculation is defined no action is taken.

Used when an oocyte is donated. The storage limit is then adjusted to the rules of the script.

4.12 JE
Dokumentation:  https://trello.com/c/LwTRs5SC

210520 CPU, Potential new text:

(Available from 4.13.1)

How long frozen oocytes can be stored for can be different between clincs and countries, which makes it impossible to provide a standard calculation for everyone. This feature offer your clinic the possibility to customize how the calculation should look for you in order to meet your country's standards or other requirements. The calculation can be based on almost any information that you have registered in the system.
Please note that this specific calculation only concerns donated oocytes. Another feature is available for a patient's own oocytes.

If you want to know more about how you could activate this feature in your clinic, please contact customer support and we will help guide you through the available possibilities.