Header area and functions

In the header area you will find common functions and record navigation, a symbol to identify in what part (or table) of LinnéFiler you are and information about the current record.

Below the header area is the work area. The work area is used for list views and many screens where you can add and edit information.

Function area

On the leftmost side of the header area, you find the function icons.

Navigation and current set

The area for record navigation and information about present set and total and current record in set, is found on the left side.

The numbers displayed are
- Records in the found set
- Total number of records in table
- Sequence number of displayed record in found set

The arrows at the the bottom are used for record navigation.

A click on a arrow takes you (from left to right), to
- First record
- Previous record
- Next record
- Last record

If you are on first or last record, unusable record navigation arrows are disabled.