Patient Management

Patient management includes complete information about the patient couple with demographics, medical history, disease screening and all relevant info that is in the patient’s file. Medical warnings, such as warnings for contagious diseases or allergies are clearly shown.

Patient demographics
Contact information, agreements, and consents.
Integration with hospital patient registry.

Female investigations
Medical history, previous treatments, physical examination, cause of infertility, lab test results for infectious diseases, hormone tests and more.
Integration with lab test results.

Partner investigations
Medical history, cause of infertility, lab test results for infectious diseases, hormone tests, chromosome tests and more. Integration with lab test results.


All types of treatment cycles are supported, including PGD. LinnéFiler handles all types of donations. Also, different models of embryo assessment parameters and models for sperm analysis are supported.

Stimulation planning and protocol
Drugs, dose, down regulation, stimulation and follicle count

Follicle information and scan

Oocytes retrieved, fertilization treatment and embryo assessment D0-D6

Embryo Transfer

Embryos selected for transfer, OHSS check and ET process

Pregnancy test result, complications, fetal scan and result of pregnancy

Daily Planning

Daily planning
The daily planning tool includes an overview of all patients at a different stages of treatment. Daily schedules are shown by individual staff members or by operation theatre or lab.

Daily summary
Get a quick overview of all stimulations, OPUs, embryos assessments, ETs planned for a specific day

To Do and Messaging

Messages linked to patients allow for easy navigation to patient records directly from your inbox. This function also includes assigning tasks to yourself or to other users or user groups at your clinic.

Assign to-do's
Assign tasks to yourself or to other users at your clinic
To-do's are linked to a patient files for quick access

Chart Notes

Template based chart notes
Customized templates for chart notes with autofilled information from treatment

List of patient charts
All patient charts in one place

Embryo Storage and Details

All tissue preserved in cryo tanks is recorded, with information such as storage location, freeze media and and thaw/destruction information. This makes it easy to generate reports and statistics for all tissue in cryo tanks.

Embryo overview
All embryos, assessment scores and exposure

Freezer storage status, thaw, destruction and export, reason for cryo, quality at cryo and method

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