This page contains a general overview of the contents for the partner work screen. Many of the modules in this layout have different variants. For specific details about the different module variants, visit partner modules.

Infertility investigations

Cause of infertility with subdiagnosis can be recorded for the partner (1). You can create custom diagnoses to fill in. Biopsy results (13) and if he has given rise to any pregnancies or children previous to treatment (15).

Other medical history

Record information about medical history concerning previous operations, including date performed and diagnosis (11). You can also make a generic comment or note (8) and (14).

Current status

Current status including any known diseases, medication or allergies (6). You can also record information about tobacco and alcohol use (10). BMI is calculated automatically from weight and height (5). For donors, details about appearance and other properties can be recorded (12).

Blood tests and heredity

Enter the patient's blood test results for infections (2) hormones (3). If a chromosome test is performed results concerning specific diseases can be entered (4) and any known hereditary diseases noted (9). You can also make a specific note for known allergies or infections (7).

Sperm samples

An overview of the patient's sperm samples shows sperm analyses before preparation, after preparation, and location of samples in cryopreservation (16). If you click on a sample, you will be redirected to the sperm sample component where more detailed information is shown. The details concerning assessment of samples in this module depend on your choice of modules for preparation, after preparation and cryo storage options.