Patients (patient couple)

The symbol for patients is a patient couple. This page is one of the main parts of LinnéFiler and is mandatory.

Manage patients

The patient function allows you to manage all patients in one place, see List.  You will find all of the patient's personal information in the Contact list. Male and female patients require different treatment and information, therefore they are handled on separate pages, see Woman and Partner.  

LinnéFiler allows you to manage and organize the storage of all oocytes and embryos, see Tissue. The Summary is an overview of all treatments. The Embryo tab enables you to quickly get an overview of embryos in storage, collected oocytes and embryos and manage import and export of embryos or oocytes. In addition, there is a page dedicated to all kinds of lab tests, see Investigations. Finally, there is a page specifically dedicated to help simplifying the nurse's work, see Nurse.

Patient modules

For modules in the Patients work screens, see Patients.