Patient Management

In "Patients" your clinic manages all patients in one place, see List.  You will find all of the patient's personal information in the Contact list. Male and female patients require different treatment and information, therefore they are handled on separate pages, see Woman and Partner.  

LinnéFiler allows you to manage and organize the storage of all oocytes and embryos, see Tissue. The Summary is an overview of all treatments. The Embryo tab enables you to quickly get an overview of embryos in storage, collected oocytes and embryos and manage import and export of embryos or oocytes. In addition, there is a page dedicated to all kinds of lab tests, see Investigations. Finally, there is a page specifically dedicated to help simplifying the nurse's work, see Nurse.

Clicking the "Patients" icon will lead you to a list of all recorded patients and patient couples.
You can choose between different lists in order to display fast the group of patients you want to work with:

If you have made a selection of patient records, the latest selection is displayed.
To make a query, display all records and more, look at Function button area - Find.

Add a new patient or couple

The plus sign symbol is a short cut to create a new patient or patient couple.

You will be asked for the national ID number. In case your clinic has defined the format of the ID number, the system will control the format and alerts if there is an error.
If the ID number contains a birthdate, it will be detected by the system - otherwhise you have to enter it manually:

Find a patient

The find patient icon opens the contact work screen and switches to find mode. Hit the return key to perform the search.

Please be observant of the number of records found!
If you find more then one, go to List screen or go to the other records so ensure that you are on the correct patient or couple.

To leave find mode, click on the Find button in the function button area. Read more about queries at Function button area - Find.

Patient modules

For modules in the Patients work screens, see Patients.

Patient management includes complete information about the patient couple with demographics, medical history, disease screening and all relevant info that is in the patient’s file. Medical warnings, such as warnings for contagious diseases or allergies are clearly shown.

Patient demographics
Contact information, agreements, and consents.
Integration with hospital patient registry.

Female investigations
Medical history, previous treatments, physical examination, cause of infertility, lab test results for infectious diseases, hormone tests and more.
Integration with lab test results.

Partner investigations
Medical history, cause of infertility, lab test results for infectious diseases, hormone tests, chromosome tests and more. Integration with lab test results.