Manage treatments

On the treatment pages, the header is important for quick identification of patients and what treatments they are in, see Information area. The information area also displays global notes and warnings.

In the treatment List, all treatments, dates and results are found. The OPU page is used for documenting scans, follicle information, date and time for ovum pick-up, people involved, materials used and end result. The Stimulation page is used for managing stimulation and the results of stimulation. On the Embryo assessment page, you will find embryo assessment (scoring) and freeze history. The ET page displays a summary of information about ET, including date, type and parameters for assessment. The Result page gives the user an overview of the result of any treatments, for instance pregnancies and any complications.

Treatment modules

For modules in the Treaments work screens, see Treatments.


All types of treatment cycles are supported, including PGD. LinnéFiler handles all types of donations. Also, different models of embryo assessment parameters and models for sperm analysis are supported.

Stimulation planning and protocol
Drugs, dose, down regulation, stimulation and follicle count

Follicle information and scan

Oocytes retrieved, fertilization treatment and embryo assessment D0-D6

Embryo Transfer
Embryos selected for transfer, OHSS check and ET process

Pregnancy test result, complications, fetal scan and result of pregnancy