User management

LinnéFiler (from version 4.9) offers the possibility to manage different user groups with different access rights and/or execution rights.
Your clinic can control access up to every single field - though common groups like "doctor", "nurse", "midwife", "laboratory", "administration" and "donor management" have proved and tested most successfull and will be easily set up by the team of Fertsoft with implementation.

Please continue to our Zendesk article about user management for further information.

User groups

From version 4.13 its possible to add the following groups with different rights to navigate in system or manage/register specific data:

- STD_ALL (Univeral rights to navigate and register)
- STD_Dr (restricted rights)

For more information about the specific groups please follow our Zendesk article XXXXX to see what usergroups are available to choose from.