Cell donation in Treatment

The modules and module variants used for handling donations of cells is the same in multiple treatment screens.

A selection of a module variant for cell donation handling, is displayed in the layouts of
- Stimulation IFV/ICSI( Planning)
- Stimulation IUI

The variant will also display correct information in the layout for sperm analysis.

Sperm donation

Sperm donors could be EXTernal or INTernal.

If donated material is delivered to the clinic from an external supplier, this is named EXTernal sperm donor.

If you handle sperm donors locally in the clinic, handle samples and storage, this is named INTernal sperm donors.

It's possible to have both external and internal sperm donors.

With internal sperm donors, more parts of LinnéFiler is affected and rules for acceptance of donor, rules for handling donors and rules for release of donated material of use has to be taken into consideration. To accomplish this, a specific development is often needed.

If your clinic need to manage internal sperm donors, please contact us to discuss a solution.

Oocyte donation

For donation of oocytes, only internal donation is handled.