Integrations to other system and equipment

Integrations to other system and equipment is vital for LinnéFiler.

This includes both integration to other systems and services, and to equipment used in the clinic that needs information from LinnéFiler and also can deliver information to LinnéFiler.
Information can go both ways.

An example of an service that many clinics want to use, is a source of accurate information of personal information (name, adress etc.) based on the national ID of the person. This type of service is often named Patient Demographic Service.

To be able to use this integration, the service providing this information must exist and be possible to use for the clinic. If this is available, the other parts needed is an integration engine that can "talk" with the service and a functionality in LinnéFiler to communicate with the integration engine.

A little complicated, but there is solutions to make it work if the key function exist and can be used, the service providing the information.

In the case of an integration to hardware systems, such as equipment in use in the clinic, it's easier to know if an integration exist or is possible to build. The first questions that needs to be answered also in this case, is if the equipment is possible to communicate with and if there is a documented way to send and/or receive information from the equipment. If the answer to this question is positive, then an integration to the equipment is normally possible.

Request for integration

If the integration needed in your clinic is not found listed in the documentation found here, please contact us about your request.

In your request, provide information of the system or equipment you want an integration to and the information you want to send and/or receive.

Connect with other systems in LinnéFiler

LinnéFiler can be integrated with other computing systems, software applications and analytic equipment. This includes integration with hospital patient registry for demographics (HL7v3), infection and hormone test results, equipment and other external systems. We can also create custom integrations to systems in use at your clinic.

Integration with equipment
• Time-Lapse
• Witnessing

Other integrations
• Patient demographics
• Hospital information system (HL7)
• Laboratory test results
• Reporting to national registries
• E-Prescriptions

And more.