System integrations

In this group you will find integrations when the other part is another system.

An example can be Patient demographic information requested based on a persons national ID number, or result from lab test performed on a patient.

In many cases we have created some of the most wanted system integrations for a country or group of customers. In other cases we can give access to part of the database information to make it possible for others to create the integration needed by the clinic.

Data access

To access information in the database, two main possibilities exist.

The "classic" is to use xDBC to the database tables, with an restricted account. This method is not recommended.

The more modern method is to use an REST variant called DataAPI. This gives an external developer creating an integration a possibility to retrieve information from the database.
As in xDBC queries can be performed but in a defined and restricted way, defined by us.

If the customer have an integration developer to help, contact us to talk about the possibilities!