Generic configuration of oocyte/embryo information

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Oocyte SourceOoc.
Oocyte source "D" (donated) or "W" (woman´s own)OocyteSource
Sperm SourceSperm
"P" for partner, "D" for donated, "N" for not specified sperms used for fertilisationSpermSource
Woman´s age at OPUOocyte_WomanAgeAtOPU
Oocyte StateOoc.
State before fertilizationOocyteStateBeforeFertilization
In vitro maturationIVMCheckbox to signify IVM has been performedEM_IVM4.10
Biopsy PGDPreimplantation Genetic DiagnosisBiopsy_PGDNot available after 4.9
Biopsy PGSPreimplantation Genetic ScreeningBiopsy_PGSNot available after 4.9
PGT-ACheck box for PGT-A performed and resultBiopsy_PGT_A4.10
PGT-MCheck box for PGT-M performed and resultBiopsy_PGT_M4.10
PGT-SRCheck box for PGT-SR performed and resultBiopsy_PGT_SR4.10
Biopsy LocationLocation where PGT was performedBiopsy_Location4.10
Freeze number#Function button to get running (sequenze) freeze numberFreezeNumberButton
Destruction of OocytesRemove not only the last oocyte in the row but any oocyte in the list during the configured time-span to delete oocytesShowAllOocyteRows4.9
Destrucion of EmbryoDestroyedCheck box to record that embryo has been disposedDestrFreshEmb
Assisted HatchingAH ϕCheckbox to record when assisted hatching from D2 to D6 was performed (displayed ϕ)AssistedHatching
Drop down list in note fieldNoteIf selected, Note has a drop down list (editable)Dn_Note_Dropdown
Generic or ET noteET/GenIf selected, a generic or ET-note is also displayed for each embryoGeneric_or_ET_Note
Donated to researchCheck box to record that a fresh embryo has been donated to research, check box will not be shown once the embryo has been frozen.FreshEmbDonatedToResearch

Assessment parameters

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Assessment parametersFrom Day 0 to Day 6, ET and other scoring

Oocyte/Embryo storage

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Oocyte/Embryo storageFor Oocyte/Embryo freeze and thaw

Other displayed oocyte/embryo information

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Batch numberBatch
Batch number of donated fresh/frozen oocytes, donated in the same treatment. Unique for the actual donor.