Sperm analysis value in Autotext templates

Sperm analysis used in treatment

All field values from a sperm analysis performed in a specific treatment can be retrieved by the Autotext template in a patient´s chart note.

A link between the sperm analysis and the treatment record makes it possible to create a chart note with the values of the analysis for the patient when located on the treatment workscreen. Please be aware that this link does not exist between a sperm anaylsis and the patient record, because a patient can have several sperm analysis and thus it's impossible for the system to know which sperm analysis to get values from.

You have to create the chart note on the treatment workscreen:

Check that the chartnote belongs to the partner and continue to Autotext:

Choose the Autotext template you want to use:

Keep on editing the text because calculated values might appear different in the Autotext than displayed in the field:

Create sperm analysis autotext with the help of <#IVT:fieldname#>

With the function Name of field it is convenient to build the Autotext with fields of the sperm analysis page.
The value of the field will be displayed when you insert the fieldname with the format <#IVT:field name#>.