Print label (EN)Print nameAlso on screenDescription or example
> name which will appear on the print button> name which has to be used in Print codes > shows other screens where layout is available> can show a description or example

Print names for work screen Payments > List:

Print label (EN)Print nameAlso on screenDescription:
ListPAY.ListAvailable from 4.13

Print names on work screen Payments > Details

Print label (EN)Print name/ Print codeAlso on screenDescription or example
Invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_Invoice_Detail
Import invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_Import_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
IUI invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_IUI_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
FET invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_FET_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
IVT invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_IVT_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
Lab invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_Lab_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
Final invoicePAT.PAY_Final_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
FET Final invoicePAT.PAY_Final_FET_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
Refund (Details)PAT.PAY_Refund_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
Cryostorage invoice (Details)
PAT.PAY_Cryostorage_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13
Payment reminderPAT.PAY_Reminder_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13.1
Tissue Storage Invoice (Details)PAT.PAY_Tissuestorage_Invoice_DetailAvailable from v. 4.13.1