Oocyte storage limit


Display of TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.ON on summary tab

Display of TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.ON on Freeze tab

By pressing the button an (either calculated or manually set) date will be displayed with the oocyte storage limit. To set up a calculation according to clinic rules please continue to Clinic Logic - automatic calculation and contact Fertsoft.

20151015 AK Upplagt TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.A
20190328 JW Uppdaterat Screenshot
20190807 JE 4.8.1+ Bytt namn till TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.OLD då denna ska göras inofficiell
20190809 MB 4.8.1+ TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.ON https://trello.com/c/3EHe95Kv
20190912 TP 4.9    Modulvariant moved from summary tab to freeze tab on Embryo page:  TREATM_EMB_OocyteStorageLimit.ON TP https://trello.com/c/e9rdDWO9