An access log is a security-relevant set of records that provide documentary evidence about information viewed by clinic staff members. In practise, this means that you can trace who has seen what and when.

In order for this to work, all staff at the clinic need a personal account for logging into LinnéFiler.

What is logged and when?

Access is logged when a user displays a patient record or treatment layout. For instance, LinnéFiler traces who has read the patient’s journal.

The personal ID number of a patient is logged together with the user’s name, signature, date, time and the name of the layout that has been accessed.

Server storage of access logs

The access log is stored on the server. The data is temporarily stored in a FileMaker file. Once every day the data is transfered from the tempirery file to a document. The document is named accessloc_cliniccode_YY_MM_DD for instance: ”accesslog_NO_HVB_2014_08_24”

The export is set in the user interface for FileMaker Server. The export is stored in a document catalogue that is found in FileMaker Server’s data catalogue.

Export may be made in three different formats:
• Text file in Merge format. Ending with: ”.mer”
• Excel file. Ending with: ”.xlsx”
• XML file. Ending with: ”.xml”
The log is automatically exported in Merge format if no other parameter is set. You can change the format by changing the parameter to MER (for text file), XML or XLS (for Excel).

Normally Fertsoft will help you to set up the export function in agreement with your clinic. If you wish to handle the export function on FileMaker Server at the clinic, send us a request and we will provide instructions.

Further treatment of log data

The data produced by the access log functionality can be accessed by opening the export file and filter the information until you find the answer to your query. Handling access to the access log documents is the responsibility of your clinic and should be handled according to your internal routines. For transfer of data from the log files to other systems, data in Merge and XML files are most suitable.  

Data amount

The size of the access log files depend on the number of users and the number of layouts they display. These files will take up space on the harddrive, and it is therefore important to have a routine for transfer of data to another digital storage unit in order to free the space.