TeamViewer Screen Sharing Client

To give you a demonstration of LinnéFiler, we prefer a meeting with screen sharing. By using this form, we can show you our software, and answer your questions. You will need a headset connected to your computer for sound. Or we can use an ordinary phone line to talk, if you prefer.

1. Download Teamviewer
We use TeamViewer to do this, and the client program to attend can be downloaded here:

When you download the client, you can choose to run the client at once. You don't have to install the software on your computer. Please observe that we can only connect to Teamviewer version 10.

2. Accept call from us
The next step is to accept the screen sharing request from us. We can then display our screen on your screen, and with permission you can also show us information on your screen.

Please observe that you can always disconnect us from your screen and you always have to give us permission to connect to your computer.