Software installed on server

FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server works as an application server.

It handle the delivery of the application to the clients, normally FileMaker Pro, running on the user work station. When an upgrade of LinnéFiler is installed, the normal procedure is to ONLY install the new version on the server.

All data recorded in LinnéFiler for patients, treatments and cells, is handled by FileMaker Server database engine.

Backup of application and data is scheduled (with n generations) and saved to area of server agreed on with IT department.

Scheduled scripts for checks and other maintenance or routines, is also handled by FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Server is run as a Service. The processes in use are:

Apache Tomcat with ivfServices and FrontBase

To handle audit logging, some of he integration services, reporting and other tasks not possible (or not fit) for FileMaker Server, a Java based system is used.

This is named ivfServices.

ivfServices is a web application run under Apache Tomcat and use FrontBase as storage.

The different part is run as Services:


The integration engine Mirth is used in many installations.

The engine handle integration to other systems or services, often in combination with ivfServices.

For storage of channel definitions and message logging, PostgreSQL is used.

Mirth Connect and PostreSQL is run as services.

PostgreSQL is started if used. Is not always running.