Screen properties for best viewing experience

The screen settings will affect the way that the software is displayed. For the best viewing experience, please check your screen has the appropriate resolution for LinnéFiler, as described below. Also, make sure to check the settings for contrast and brightness on your screen.

Screen resolution

To fully utilize the capability of LinnéFiler and to reduce risk of information being missed we recommend using a screen and computer supporting a resolution greater than 1320*846.

Lower resolution will not display the full content on each work screen. This will make the software difficult to use.The width of each work screen is adapted to work in a computer screen with width of 1320 pixels or wider. If you have a screen with lower width than 1320 pixels, you must change to a bigger screen.

The majority of the work screens do not need any scrolling of the window to see all content, with a few exceptions. The stimulation screens is an example of a work screen where you may need to scroll vertically to see all stimulation days. If your screen has a higher resolution than 846 pixels in height, you can make it taller. In some screens this will give you more lines in a list, as in the embryo cultivation screen.

Product roadmap

Please observe that the product roadmap contains plans to further increase the size of LinnéFiler. The future recommended minimum resolution will be 1920*1080.

Contrast and brightness

A to high or too low contrast will make back ground (light grey), non-editable fields and editable fields (white) hard to distinguish. A normal setting is around 50% contrast. If you think it's too low, adjust it with a display of work screen to ensure that you can see the difference in the screen objects.

If you have the brightness at a very high level, this can also make objects to look very similar. Try to make to set brightness a little lower and observe on your screen the result.

If nothing works, please contact your IT staff. Perhaps a new screen display is needed.