Bundled client

The information on this page is for the bundled client only.

The client is bundled with LinnéFiler and is not to be used with other software or to create other databases.

Installation process

Download the installation program below for FileMaker Pro that is matching the operating system on your client machine.

Run the .exe file to create the installation folder.

In the File folder of the installation folder, you will find a file "Assisted Install.txt"

This file MUST be REPLACED with the file with the same name that you should have received from us. The file has the settings we need to run LinnéFiler and should not be altered or modified. If you would like to change any of the settings in the Assisted Install file. (More about the settings in this file at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7099 )

If you didn't get this file, please contact us to receive it.

You can now start the installation process.

If question about installing Bonjour appear in the installation, you can ignore it (or install it). We don´t use it for the LinnéFiler solution at all.