Plug in handling

A FileMaker plug in is a small add on to give FileMaker additional functions or capabilities.

The plug ins used for LinnéFiler may change between versions and also the version of an existing plug in.

Plug in folder

The plug in file can be installed in [Application Directory]\Extensions\ but this is not recommended practice.

The recommended folder is    C:\users\user_name\AppData\Local\FileMaker\FileMakerPro\\Extensions\

More information in FileMaker Knowledge base article 10097 Installing and updating plug-ins in FileMaker Pro

Automatic installation

The needed plug in files and update of existing plug ins can be installed automatically when the user log in to LinnéFiler.

This is done without any user interaction and the files is saved in the plug in folder for the user.

The file size of the plug in file is normally quite low, but can vary from different vendors. In the current version (4.4) of LinnéFiler we use one plug in, Troi URL that is 296 kb in size. If additional plug ins is needed, this is described in the release notes.

Our recommendation is to use this automatic installation of plug ins, as the maintenance of plug ins is zero.

Manual installation

If not the automatic installation of plug in can be used, please contact us to get the plug in files needed for the version of LinnéFiler that is to be used.