General monitoring

Fertsoft recommends monitoring the following parameters of the server if possible

- Processor usage
- RAM usage
- Available storage on drives

Services to monitor

ServiceNameFunctionStartup typeComment
Apache TomcatTomcat7/Tomcat8/Tomcat9Platform for running the webapp ivfServices Automatic
FrontBaseFBExecServiceDatabase engine for ivfServicesAutomatic
FrontBaseFrontBaseServiceivfservicesdbDatabase for ivfServicesAutomaticCan have different names depending on server setup. Can also have multiple instances if several databases are run on the same server. The name will always start with "FrontBaseService".
FileMaker ServerFileMaker ServerDatabase engine for LinnéFilerAutomatic

If Mirth Connect is used to manage integrations on the server the below Service should also be monitored.

ServiceNameFunctionStartup typeComment
Mirth Connect ServiceMirth Connect ServiceIntegration engine used for a number of integrationsAutomaticOnly requires monitoring if in use by an integration.